Silk | False Holly X Iskra

Three silk scrunchies hang as ornaments on a Christmas tree
Fall 2020 is a season of learning to take good care of ourselves and of each other. 

That's why I'm so excited to partner with Iskra to provide you with these gorgeous little bits of luxury for your hair. Click Here to Purchase 

Long Hair, Don't Care

Other than a brief experiment with a pixie cut in my early 20's, I've always had very thick long hair. As a teen, a friend whose skin struggled with the hormonal changes of adolescence passed a tip on to me from her dermatologist: sleep with your hair in a top knot at night to give your skin the best chance of looking beautiful in the morning. 

Using a silk scrunchie at night will allow you to keep your hair away from your face for more beautiful morning skin, without compromising the health or beauty of your hair. 

Business Insider Magazine had this to say about the quality and value difference of using a silk scrunchie over other common materials. "Silk's smooth surface is more delicate and creates less friction than cotton, which means less breakage and frizz. It also apparently absorbs less product from your skin as you sleep." 

Kortnye Hearts Silk

Kortnye, the model and owner of Iskra Beauty Bar, understands the value of silk on so many levels, and her excitement over this collaboration is contagious. She first discovered the value of silk while she was working full-time as a beauty model in South Africa, and when it came time for her to launch her own beauty brand, it was only logical that she should include silk accessories in her lineup.

Bringing the Magic to Life

The scrunchies are available in three exclusive colours, developed through trial and error in my dye studio. We experimented with various fabric weaves and weights, as well as colours, before setting on this design. It's the perfect marriage of lightweight airiness and solid quality. You'll feel the difference as soon as you take your scrunchie out of the package. 

The Purple Flame and Kohl Liner colours are mixed by hand and applied with water bath dye, using simply food grade citric acid to fix the dye to the fibres of the fabric. This process is so clean and safe, the water can easily be reused for subsequent dyeing, and when it is spent, can safely be put down the drain along with regular household waste, without harming aquatic life.

The Alabaster colour is simply the glowing white of natural silk, with no dye application. Because of the simplicity and minimality of dyes, and because of the absence of microplastics in this fabric (unlike other satin and chiffon fabrics made with polyester instead of silk), it's a natural choice for protecting the environment.

Don't you love it when a luxury for yourself doesn't have to add any burden to Mother Earth? It's just pure, simple goodness.

I hope you'll enjoy using and wearing (or gifting) your silk scrunchies as much as I've enjoyed dreaming them up and making each one. You deserve it!

Three Scrunchies Stacked