Creative Stylemaker Academy

 Have you ever wished you had a sweater making Fairy Godmother, who could make it effortless to start a project and know you'll love it when you're finished?

Someone who could help you

  • Figure out gauge once and for all, so it's never a hurdle again
  • Know exactly what colours will make your skin glow every time you wear your handmade sweater
  • Help you find the perfect pattern for your body type and your personal style, so you'll actually wear your sweater often in everyday life
I started False Holly School of Craft because I wanted to help you create beautiful and timeless wardrobe pieces. My mission is to help you make your own next sweater by sharing best practices, tips, and tricks I've learned through my own experiences.
Join me for a FREE day-long summit Saturday, October 9th, co-hosted by the talented Shelby Varughese from All Set Style & Image Consulting. We will explore fashion from farm to runway, and discover the secrets to creating a confident, beautiful and empowered handmade wardrobe.

Learn from experts in the fields of:

  • Fashion & textile history
  • Indie pattern design
  • Fashion startups
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Slow fashion lifestyle
Maybe you're proficient in another craft, and you're ready to take the leap into knitting. Join me this fall for Learn to Knit, hosted by the City Arts Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Classes start mid-October.
Looking for inspiration for styling your latest hot off the hook/needles project? Download my free PDF Guide to making sure your DIY knits look as chic as you are.