Creative Stylemaker Summit

discover the secrets to a confident, beautiful & empowered handmade wardrobe

Are you inspired by the creativity you see on the runway, but have a hard time finding a way to make similar gorgeous pieces for yourself?

Do you love to make beautiful things, but struggle with details like colour choices or fitting for your body type?

Or maybe you've fallen into the trap of the messy creator space, where you lose inspiration?

Join Holly Messenger Aamot from Atelier False Holly and Shelby Varughese from All Set Style & Image Consulting as we explore fashion from farm to runway, and discover the secrets to creating a confident, beautiful and empowered handmade wardrobe for yourself.

Learn from this roster of brilliant speakers:

10:00 Intro

10:30 Alison Smith Pattern Hacking

11:00 Tamara Poff Launching off Someone Else's Creativity

11:30 Hannah Thiessen Embracing a Slow Craft Lifestyle

12:15 Donald Rattner “How to Design Your Home and Workspace for Optimal Creativity, According to Science"

1:00 Richard Thompson Ford

1:30 Bonnie Barker Don't be afraid to make mistakes! It's just yarn!

2:00 Break

2:30 Virginia Postrel Why Do People Buy Things They 'Don't Need'?

3:00 Jennie Batchelor

3:30 Kaitlyn Dornbier Now What? Getting Your Great Idea Off the Ground

4:00 Erin Davenport 3 Secrets to Empowering Your Creative Genius

4:30 Clara Parkes Intentional Alchemy: Building Your Second Skin

5:00 Jennifer Ryan