The Creative Stylemaker Summit

Creative Stylemaker Summit

It's a Thursday in August, and I'm sitting at my makeshift desk in my living room, knitting while I listen to training on how to generously serve an audience, so they'll subscribe and want to keep in touch. The presenter is dynamic, motivating, and surprisingly authentic.

She gets me to come up with an event, out of thin air, and to come up with a title. She puts me in a breakout room with others and we brainstorm ideas for free events we can each create. And then she gets me to record an impromptu video of myself telling my imaginary audience about this event that honestly has been kicking around inside my heart for a long time, but I'd never believed I had what it took to make it a reality.

That afternoon before signing off, I promised to send out email invitations to speakers before I went to bed. I prepped a quick supper for the kids, and took off to teach my knitting class at the local recreation centre.

Guys, I seriously didn't think anyone would even read my emails when I finally sat down at the computer that night. The house was quiet; the kids were sleeping, and the dog was snoring gently at my feet. And I was in a cold sweat. I couldn't believe I had the audacity to send email invitations to people whose books I'd read, patterns I'd made. "I'm just a mom who loves yarn; just another fan sending unsolicited mail."

But the next morning, my inbox was full of replies!

High calibre, intelligent, well-spoken people, full of expertise were excited to speak to my collected audience of folks like me, who value the creative process and want to use it practically. Beautifully talented designers, TED talk speakers, university professors. All brilliant, and all ready share that brilliance.

You ready for this list?

Alison Smith Pattern Hacking

Tamara Poff Launching off Someone Else's Creativity

 Hannah Thiessen Embracing a Slow Craft Lifestyle

Donald Rattner “How to Design Your Home and Workspace for Optimal Creativity, According to Science"

Richard Thompson Ford

Bonnie Barker Don't be afraid to make mistakes! It's just yarn!

Virginia Postrel Why Do People Buy Things They 'Don't Need'?

Jennie Batchelor Jane Austen Style: What We Can Learn From Regency Embroidery Patterns

Kaitlyn Dornbier Now What? Getting Your Great Idea Off the Ground

Erin Davenport 3 Secrets to Empowering Your Creative Genius

Clara Parkes Intentional Alchemy: Building Your Second Skin

Jennifer Ryan Tips for Creating Jewelry (& other accessories) that Compliment Your Outfit, Body Type & Lifestyle!

Need I say more?

Seriously, head on over and get your free ticket!

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