Bringing The Snow Angel to Life: the Producer's Cut

Bringing The Snow Angel to Life: the Producer's Cut

So, I think it's fair to say that the past few months have been difficult for the whole world.

Everyone has had to adjust to change, and a lot of us have had to adjust to loss.

I've shared very personal details on my Instagram account about how I've struggled with the "new normal." The pandemic showed up at a time when I was already at the breaking point from chronic migraine pain. I battled discouragement and fought every day just to have the energy to carry my girls through the everyday. I desperately needed to be reminded that "not a wind can stop my music." Having the words on my living room wall, above the place where my girls laugh and play and bond with family via FaceTime was a good start.

Girls sit on the couch below a wall feature that says "not a wind can stop my music"

These struggles aren't easy for me to share, but I chose to do so because I want each person who reads through my feed or reads anything I've written to know that, no matter what pain you're experiencing, you have something to contribute. We need you. You can make a difference for good in the world.

It sounds trite as I read those words out loud. I'm not sure how to make them come to life, so that they'll sink into your spirit and give you hope and purpose in the darkness. All I can do is send my wish through the ether, that you'll find the anchor you need, and be able to use it as a touchpoint.

It's obvious to me that The Snow Angel's time has come. It features winter fashion, and it's based on music about winter, but its message is one of resilience through the difficult chapters of life that seem like they'll kill us. The harsh snow of winter seems to kill the flowers, yet it is the crystalline blanket that allows them to survive the cold, sinking their energy deep into their roots until the warm sun of springtime revives them. The Angel who brings the snow is an angel of mercy.

You can find the full spread and an article about the inspiration behind the images on The Spark, a blog that promotes becoming "disruptively whole."

But the editorial release team wants this project to be larger than any of us. We want to hear from you. What do you really need right now? When was the last time you trusted another human enough to ask for help with something you really needed? What do the people in your immediate orbit need, and how can you help them?

You might be surprised at the ways your own healing can be a help to others. No gift is too small.

  • I've discovered that my new habit of "pandemic baking" provides the perfect excuse to give gifts to friends who are harried and stressed with their new homeschooling duties. It's a simple thing, but home baked bread is often the ultimate comfort food.
  •  Some of my friends and neighbours have given gifts of board games and other treasures that they have no real use for anymore. They're easy things to let go of, and can make such a difference for the recipient.

So, for reals, I'm asking you--what's getting you through this time of change and loss and upheaval? What new resilience have you discovered in yourself? What new ways of helping or connecting have you discovered you're really good at?

We're making a Producer's Cut of the Snow Angel, and we want to include your answers. Send a video or written response to me at

You just might inspire someone.

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