Fall 2021 Knitwear Trends I'm Loving

Fall 2021 Knitwear Trends I'm Loving

It's still August as I write this, but fall seems to be creeping in, with her grey windy days and chill that seeps into your bones.

At least, that's the weather in Edmonton today. It sent me straight to the back of my closet, where all my warm and woolly sweaters have been stashed over the summer. I'm writing this wrapped in my scrappy cardi, with a warm cup of tea within reach.

Are you anticipating sweater weather in your neck of the woods?

I've had sweaters on the brain for most of this year, planning designs for my new collection, and working on launching the False Holly School of Craft. It's been really rewarding to pull together the very best advice I could think of for sweater crocheters and/or knitters, and consolidate it into a webinar and a mini e-book guide.

I thought I'd share here some of the trends I'm seeing in the fashion world, because the runways and street style are chock-full of knitwear. It's kinda fun to see a celeb wearing something and think, "I could make that!"

Trend #1: Sweater Vests

Talk about a knitter's or crocheter's dream! No need to get stranded on "sleeve island?" Yes, please!

A sweater vest paired with a simple collared blouse can add a pop of colour and texture to a variety of outfits. Consider wearing the ensemble with a pencil skirt for office attire, or with denim or leggings for a comfy Zoom session look.

Some ideas for making your sweater vest unique:

  • add buttons at the sides, rather than a sewn seam
  • create detached matching sleeves (also a huge trend this fall) to wear with bare shoulders
  • make it cardigan-style, with an open front
  • add pockets

Trend #2: Matching Knit Skirt Sets

An entire outfit made by hand is sure to be noticed with compliments! Pairing a sweater with a knit or crochet skirt can be super simple.

To make your skirt:

  • Measure how long you'd like it to be, and measure your hips at their widest point.
  • Then make your fabric with those dimensions.
  • Fold over at the top to create a waistband, and leave the waistband open to insert a ribbon for cinching to fit your waist, and voila! You have a simple, timeless, yet trendy wardrobe staple for the fall!

Trend #3: Bold, Bright Colours

There's never been a better time to indulge in crocheting or knitting with your favourite bright shades! Red, green, and blue are splashed all over designers' runway collections, and fashionistas are combining them artistically.

One of my favourite looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week is a bright and bubbly crochet sweater. Find it here on my False Holly Quarterly Pinterest board for this season.

Always trendy: Just Be You

Some of my favourite wardrobe pieces are leftover from high school. Yes, I'm one of those people who keeps favourites forever. I love the comfort and nostalgia of wearing pieces from the '90's that my Gramma helped me choose, knowing in her infinite wisdom that they were timeless and would never go out of style.

What are your favourite signature style pieces that you'll never part with?

Do you have aspirations to make your own pieces, but need a little encouragement to be able to move forward over the hurdles of things like gauge, pattern adjustment, and colour choices? Join me for my upcoming FREE webinar, cohosted with Shelby from All Set Style & Image Consulting, where we will dispel 3 myths that might be holding you back from creating your next favourite sweater.

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