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Headshots for Creators

Brand Images Offer

Do you run a small business in the creative space, and need some good photos of yourself? Selfies just don't cut it when you're taking things to the next level online.

That's where I can help. I'm opening up my schedule for just a handful of sessions, giving priority to creators, because you're my crowd; my people. I want to help you shine!

The Creative Stylemaker Summit

Creative Stylemaker Summit

It's a Thursday in August, and I'm sitting at my makeshift desk in my living room, knitting while I listen to training on how to generously serve an audience, so they'll subscribe and want to keep in touch. The presenter is dynamic, motivating, and surprisingly authentic.

She gets me to come up with an event, out of thin air, and to come up with a title. She puts me in a breakout room with others and we brainstorm ideas for free events we can each create. And then she gets me to...

Fall 2021 Knitwear Trends I'm Loving

Fall 2021 Knitwear Trends I'm Loving

It's still August as I write this, but fall seems to be creeping in, with her grey windy days and chill that seeps into your bones.

At least, that's the weather in Edmonton today. It sent me straight to the back of my closet, where all my warm and woolly sweaters have been stashed over the summer. I'm writing this wrapped in my scrappy cardi, with a warm cup of tea within reach.

Are you anticipating sweater weather in your neck of the woods?

I've had sweaters on the brain for...

The Shelby Cable Knit Hat in Luxia Magazine

The Shelby Cable Knit Hat in Luxia Magazine

Mikayla modelled the Shelby and Amy hats for me after one of the first snowfalls of the season, and I anxiously awaited their publication in Luxia Magazine, so I could share the photos with you!

Bringing The Snow Angel to Life: the Producer's Cut

Bringing The Snow Angel to Life: the Producer's Cut

We want to hear from you. What do you really need right now? When was the last time you trusted another human enough to ask for help with something you really needed? What do the people in your immediate orbit need, and how can you help them?

We're making a Producer's Cut of the Snow Angel, and we want to include your answers. Send a video or written response to me at

You just might inspire someone.