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Winter's Rebellion

ilex.every.day is now False Holly

The Snow Angel

Fashion Editorial

Open Your Eyes, Sweet Child

Baby girl, lost and alone, I know why you cry. But the hot tears chill too soon, dripping cold from your chin, with no one there to catch them. You’re a flower not yet blooming, caught in the dark winds of winter. Your grey sweater, your blue bonnet, your icy eyes camouflage you in the shifting paleness of winter’s morning. Hush, little one. Let the frosty stillness dance, and fill with crystalline song. Not a wind can stop the music of the Snow Angel. She comes in the flurries, kisses the earth with glowing silver, and thereby shelters all that is precious. She’s here, precious one. “Open your eyes, sweet child.”

1st in the Series

Creatures of Light

Find your feet, little girl. Dig your roots deep. The warmth of shelter has brought a golden glow to your head, and the grace of patient discipline enlivens your dreams. Find your own unforced rhythm, dancing to the song of light. Revel in luminous echoes, and find yourself strong, bolstered by your constant guardian, your Angel of Light. Shrug off anxiety. Leave it in the shadows where it belongs. You are a creature of light.

2nd in the Series

Hear My Song

Take a breath. Steady hand, click the shutter. This moment, when your heart throbs loud in your ears and your eyelashes feel tangled--this moment is yours. Do you want to fly? I will show you. Do you wish for beauty, wisdom, adventure? It’s all within you, sweet child. Let it unfold. Grow in grace. Trust the goodness of eternity, beating melodically in your heart.

3rd in the Series

Winter Shelters Life

False Holly is bringing old-world quality into the present, giving you direct contact with the design house and complete customization.

You can feel good about every False Holly purchase you make, knowing you are getting the best quality service, design and craftsmanship, followed up with real-world styling advice. 

stylist helps model dress for photo shoot

Custom Styling

Every Made-to-Measure knitwear purchase includes two online sessions with your own personal stylist baked in. You'll get one-on-one colour draping and styling with Shelby, the beauty and brains behind All Set Style. Shelby's focus as a stylist is helping you find the cut and colour that will fit your personal style, your natural colouring, and your body type. Click for more details.