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Discover the secrets to creating a confident, beautiful and empowered handmade wardrobe.

Ready to allow yourself to create a truly unique wardrobe? 

Creativity and inspiration are crucial to unleashing your inner fashion designer, allowing you to intentionally craft a truly couture wardrobe. 

Join us LIVE October 9th as we explore fashion from farm to runway, and discover the secrets to
creating a confident, beautiful and empowered handmade wardrobe. (Click here to register!)

Who should attend: 

You, if you want to understand your wardrobe better 

Creative people, in any field 

Anyone interested in slowing down and taking up a hobby 

Why you want to attend: 

Learn the value of slowing down to craft
Understand the importance of your material choices

Gain insights into why we value beauty over function

Learn how creativity went from being assumed to prescribed

You will learn how to: 

Set up your space for optimal creativity

Hack a sewing pattern

Create something completely unique, inspired by someone else's creativity

Understand the social meaning attached to our clothing choices

Take your creativity from idea to reality

And so much more!

Learn from thought leaders in the fields of:

Fashion & textile history

Indie pattern design

Fashion startups

Wardrobe styling

Slow fashion lifestyle

Looking for inspiration for styling your latest hot off the hook/needles project? Download my free PDF Guide to making sure your DIY knits look as chic as you are.

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