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It's a struggle to look amazing while dressing to face the extreme northern elements.

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Atelier Service Made Easy

Fashion That Affirms the Extravagant Value of YOU

You deserve to feel gorgeous in your own skin, to know that you can take on any challenge and make the world a better place, one day at a time, because you're well-cared for.

We help you build that kind of luxurious self-care into the fabric of your wardrobe, literally. Every custom piece is made with love, using:

- Natural luxury fibres like soft merino wool, alpaca and silk, to give your skin the gentle room to breathe that it deserves

- Thoughtful sourcing, endeavouring to keep the North American supply chain intact, and seeking to avoid ethical labour and pollution dilemmas

- Customized attention and advice, even after you've received your purchase

A stylist conducts an online fashion styling session

Custom Styling

You are unique, and you deserve to build a wardrobe filled with customized, luxurious pieces that reflect and enhance your unique qualities. Find the cut and colour that will fit your personal style, your natural colouring, and your body type, so that your own personal extravagant value is communicated before you even say a word.

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Ready to make your own heirloom couture?

DIY kits allow you to create your own False Holly designs

Pattern Downloads

Easy-to-follow knit & crochet patterns, designed to be timelessly fashionable, written by Holly Messenger Aamot


Introducing The Elements, our collection of yarns inspired by the Mythical Four Elements, intentionally crafted to give you an extravagant knitting experience as you create your own heirloom.

woman sits next to her spinning wheel and sweater she designed

The Snow Angel

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Open Your Eyes, Sweet Child

Baby girl, lost and alone, the hot tears chill too soon, dripping cold from your chin, with no one there to catch them. You’re a flower not yet blooming, caught in the dark winds of winter.

Hush, little one.

Not a wind can stop the music of the Snow Angel. She comes in the flurries, kisses the earth with glowing silver, and shelters all that is precious.

She’s here, precious one. 

1st in the Series

Creatures of Light

The warmth of shelter has brought a golden glow to your head, and the grace of patient discipline enlivens your dreams.

Find your own unforced rhythm, dancing to the song of light.

Shrug off anxiety. Leave it in the shadows where it belongs.

You are a creature of light.

2nd in the Series

Hear My Song

Take a breath.

Steady hand, click the shutter.

This moment--when your heart throbs in your ears and your eyelashes feel tangled--is yours.

Do you wish for beauty, wisdom, adventure? It’s all within you. Let it unfold. Grow in grace. Trust the goodness of eternity, beating melodically in your heart.

3rd in the Series

Winter Shelters Life

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